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Application - How to get the stones to stick!

There are a few methods of adhering rhinestones to your garments.

  • Step 1- Place your garment onto a flat surface that can withstand heat, such as an ironing board.
  • Step 2- Place loose rhinestones where you want them, face up on the garment (sparkling side up).
  • Step 3- Heat your iron up to the lowest setting.
  • Step 4- Once the iron is ready, press it onto the rhinestones. The glue on the flat side of the rhinestones should melt and adhere to the garment. Press your iron for approximately 8-10 seconds. As iron temperatures vary, you will have to find the setting that works for you, with a little experimentation. Best to start with medium heat, and if they don't stick then put the heat higher. Please be careful and make sure that the fabric of the garment can withstand the heat of your iron without damage!
  • Step 5- Once adhered, give it time to cool and that should be it!
  • Step 1- First, make sure you are using the correct attachment to fit the stone size you are applying.
  • Step 2- Plug in the applicator. Make sure to lean it on the stand provided! Safety first!
  • Step 3- Place your garment onto a flat surface that can withstand heat.
  • Step 4- Put aside the rhinestones that you want to use, which are the same size as the attachment on the head of the tool.
  • Step 5- Pick up the applicator and put a rhinestone in the head, so that the flat (glue) size is facing out. The rhinestone should be the same size to make a perfect fit.
  • Step 6- Use the applicator to place the rhinestone onto the garment, where you want it to adhere to!
  • Step 7- Apply pressure and press the rhinestone into place. Hold for a few seconds to let the glue melt so it will stick onto the garment.With a bit of practice, you'll be a pro in no time
  • These are used by t-shirt companies to adhere hot-fix motifs to their garments. When you ask Diamante Diamante to put together shirts or hats for you, this is what we use. The heat distribution is more even than a domestic iron. Simply set to 160 degrees Celsius and press for 10 seconds, twice if necessary.

Applying Motifs

To apply a finished motif onto your garment (see Create a Motif):

Peel apart the transfer paper (motif) and place the sticky side down on to your garment. All the sparkle must face up. Then iron directly on top of the clear paper - the papers available from us are made from highly heat-resistant material and therefore they won't melt.
Once the glue is melted, peel off the plastic carefully, ensuring that the stones stick to your garment. If they do not, then press the iron over it again, at a slightly higher temperature, and try removing the paper again (See Step 4)

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