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Support your country in any sporting event with our sparkling flag motifs!
Get involved - show your support!

Here is a selection of the different country flags available. Alternative countries may be available upon request.
  1. England - St George's Cross (clear crystal and light siam rhinestones)
  2. France (cobalt blue, clear crystal and light siam rhinestones)
  3. Japan (clear crystal and light siam rhinestones)
  4. Czech Republic (clear crystal, cobalt blue and light siam rhinestones)
  5. Germany (jet black, light siam and citrine rhinestones
  6. Italy (emerald, clear crystal and light siam rhinestones)
  7. Netherlands (light siam, clear crystal and cobalt blue rhinestones)
  8. Poland (clear crystal and light siam rhinestones)
  9. Portugal (emerald, light siam and citrine rhinestones)
  10. Spain (light siam and citrine rhinestones)
  11. Sweden (cobalt and citrine rhinestones)
  12. Switzerland (light siam and clear crystal rhinestones)
  13. Ukraine (cobalt and citrine rhinestones)
  14. Argentina (light sapphire, citrine and clear crystal rhinestones)
Flags shown here on cap are Medium Wavy England Flags.

The motif sitting below the cap is the Large Wavy England Flag.

Suggested usage for the different sizes:

Small flag: great for left chest pocket of shirts, side or back of caps, cuffs of shirts, etc.

Medium flag: for front of caps, left chest of shirts, front centre of ladies shirts, back high centre of shirts etc.

Large flag: For Maximum Impact

Choice of Sizes with NEW PRICES ON ALL FLAGS

Small flag (5cm x 3cm) @ 1.98 each
Medium flag (7cm x 5cm) @ 2.48 each
Large flag (9cm x 6cm) @ 3.18 each

Prices based on a minimum of 25 pieces. Discounts available for larger orders, just ask.

Choice of Styles (a) wavy flag (b) rectangular flag

Postage charged separately. Postage rates vary depending on service required. Please confirm on order.

Click here for our Application page, which contains instructions on how to apply the motifs with a heat-press or domestic iron.
If you require garments or our in-house application service, please contact us on 0870 068 8186. Click here for the Order Form or call 0870 068 8186 now!
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