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Create a Diamante Motif - Anyone Can Do It!

It has never been easier to turn your favourite or forgotten clothes into trendy high street fashion, and you're about to find out how it's done!

  • First, find a design that you can trace. Use tracing paper so that you can reverse the design, especially if it has numbers or letters, so that it will look right once it's been placed on the garment.

  • Cut your transfer paper to size.
  • Peel the white backing off the transfer paper and place the clear side on to your design, sticky side facing up. Use masking tape to insure that the transfer paper does not shift.
  • Choose the stones you want to have and use tweezers to arrange them. Place the stones sparkling side down, so that the flat glued back of the stone is facing up. Use the tweezers to pick up the stones and arrange them along the lines of your design.

  • Alternatively, you can use our pre-designed templates to quickly create professional-looking motifs with a wide variety of numbers, letters and graphics.
  • Use the white non-stick back of the transfer paper to cover up and protect your work, if you do not finish your motif in one sitting. Once you have finished placing all of your stones, cover the sticky paper with the white backing paper then take off the masking tape completely.
  • The result is called a motif, which you can iron on to your garment.

See our next section called APPLICATION for detailed instructions!

HOT TIP: Reverse the design. When you create the design, it needs to be done in mirror image. You are putting the rhinestones on face down, so once the motif is finished and you flip it over, you will see that it will come out right.

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