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Kandi's Professional Touch - Hot Fix Embellishment Applicator
The Precision Rhinestone and Rhinestud Applicator
  • Applies hot-fix Crystals, Pearls, Rhinestuds & Nailheads in seconds to almost any surface including paper, ceramic, fabric and wax.
  • World's most advanced handheld hot-fix applicator
  • Designed by Licensed Physical Therapists to minimize fatique
  • Comfortable and truly Ergonomically Correct
  • Integrated lit On/Off switch for safety -- no more plugging & unplugging
  • Properly balanced -- no need for a support stand
  • Improved rubber grip -- will not roll or slide
  • Universal Voltage -- will work anywhere in the world
  • UL / CUL / CE / PSE Tested and Approved
  • Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Instructions :
  1. Choose the correct size tip for the embellishments you have selected. Sizes are marked on tips.
  2. With the Professional Touch unplugged and cool to the touch, hand screw the selected tip clockwise into the Proffessional Touch
  3. Plug in the Professional Touch. Preheat for about 2 minutes. Be careful. The metal end of the Professional Touch and the tip are very hot!
  4. DO NOT TOUCH ANY METAL PARTS of the Professional Touch? or the tips with your bare hands while in use.
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